Hyogu Artist / Mitsunori Onozawa|

Mitsunori Onozawa, Hyogu Artist
小野澤光紀 表具師 京都府京都市

小野澤光紀 Mitsunori Onozawa

About 1,500 years ago, along with Buddhism, calligraphy and painting were brought to Japan from China and the Korean Peninsula. It was at this time when “hyogu” was introduced as the mounting technique for calligraphy and paintings onto scrolls, frames, folding screens, or screen doors in order to preserve and display them.

Onozawa, a hyogu artist who works in Kyoto, was attracted to hyogu as it is a highly creative art form. As he mastered the complicated processes of hyogu one by one, he came to the realization that hyogu is not simply a mounting technique. The personality and creativity of the hyogu craftsman can be expressed in the mounting- making him an artist.



  • 和の美|wanobi
  • 和の美|wanobi
  • 和の美|wanobi
  • 和の美|wanobi
  • Hanging Scroll of Zen Words written by Koyasan Head Priest Kouou / 掛軸「白雲自去来」筆者 高野山管長弘應師 / w600㎜×h1180㎜

  • Hanging Scroll "Bamboo" written by Master Kobori of Daitokuji Temple / 掛軸「竹」筆者 大徳寺小堀定泰師 / w360㎜×h1760㎜

  • Art Panel "Light" written by Ougai Kofude / アートパネル「光」筆者 小筆凰外先生 / w530㎜×h455㎜×d21㎜

  • Fabric Art Panel "Minamo" (water surface) / アートパネル「水面-minamo-」 / φ500㎜×d21㎜

Since he established his own studio, he has ventured into new styles of hyogu such as making art panels with a variety of fabrics. In addition to Japanese fabrics and papers, colorful fabrics from Africa and other countries can be used in the new art form of hyogu. By going beyond traditional boundaries new possibilities are developing.

While maintaining the skills and techniques that his predecessors have developed over the years, Onozawa is going to challenge a different means of presentation. A new interpretation of hyogu will be shown in the “frame” through what he has learned.