It’s often said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and in the case of the “WANOBI-Beautiful Japan” project”, this is definitely true. Describing ancient art and customs using just words, doesn’t fully do justice to the skill, care, intricate designs and details of the artisans work we are featuring here. Hence this website would not exist without these photographers’ skill and passion, and we are hugely indebted to them.

Kohei Kawata
Kohei Kawata / 川田航平
Each object or person has their own shining moment, and I want to capture that moment as a photographer. Photography is a method of expression, and my priority is to communicate with the subject as I work. Through the WANOBI project, I was able to see how the artisans have established themselves. They have a special inner strength so they remain true to their art, and this is the attitude I most admire as a fellow creator.

Kenzo Konishi
Kenzo Konishi / 小西健三
I felt honored to have the chance of shooting the WANOBI artisans. I have been photographing people for 16 years and I have always tried to take photos that show my subjects personalities. From these experiences I can see that the WANOBI artisans are very dedicated in their work. They have outstanding skills and it is a pleasure to watch them at work. I am looking forward to each of the WANOBI artisan’s work being promoted globally.

Hirofumi Miyamoto
Hirofumi Miyamoto / 宮本博文
It’s a photographer’s responsibility to bring out the subject’s charm and transfer that essence to the photograph. It was very enjoyable for me to work with these artisans and I believe these artisan’s skills need to be preserved, as they are Japanese treasures. Using their skills and experience, they put their heart and soul into their work. By photographing them and their work I hope I can increase their exposure and at the same time preserve their work for future generations.

Masahiro Yanagawa
Masahiro Yanagawa / 柳川雅宏
I have been working as a professional photographer for 40 years. My expertise is commercial photography and I take photographs for flyers or catalogs. I always try to create something that will make my clients happy when they see my work. When shooting for the WANOBI project I had the same attitude.