Potter / Nobuhito Nakaoka|

Nobuhito Nakaoka, Potter
仲岡信人 陶芸家 兵庫県丹波篠山

仲岡信人 Nobuhito Nakaoka

"Water by its nature flows smoothly, and flowers by their nature bloom red."
As in this Zen teaching, Nobuhito Nakaoka's way of life as a potter is like the water of a river.

He was interested in manufacturing from an early age, and he eventually became absorbed in making pottery. As such it was natural that he chose to study under his teacher as soon as he had graduated from high school. After many years of training and studying he went out on his own at the age of 29 in the Tachikui District, the center of traditional Tamba-ware. More than 10 years have passed since then, and Nakaoka no longer pays much heed to the words "traditional handicrafts" or "Japan’s six old kilns".


  • 和の美|wanobi
  • 和の美|wanobi
  • 和の美|wanobi
  • 和の美|wanobi
  • "Hanaike" Flower vase /「花生」/ φ37.5㎝ H30㎝

  • Black tea bowl /「引出黒茶盌」/ φ13.5㎝ H9.5㎝

  • Colored ash glaze tea bowl /「彩色灰釉茶盌 」/ φ12㎝ H9.7㎝

  • Ash glaze jug / 彩色灰釉水指 / φ16.2㎝ H17.4㎝
    Carbonized tea container / 炭化茶器 / φ6.9㎝ H6.9㎝
    Ash glaze futaoki / 彩色灰釉蓋置 / φ7.5㎝ H6㎝

He is particular about using Tamba soil, yet he always opens himself to nature’s energy and freely creates Tamba-ware as a natural part of his day, allowing his creative inspiration to flow. His creative process is like the waters of a stream running through the mountains of Tamba, which upon finding its passage blocked, repeatedly branches off and continues its natural descent.

Nakaoka feels he is running with his predecessors, baton in hand, ready to hand it over to the next generation. Before that time comes though he wants to leave behind work that makes him feel “This is it.” He wants to create a "living" work that is full of soul and contains the breath of life and send it out into the world. This is what motivates Nakaoka now.